How does Lord Capulet develop over the course of the play?for an essay 1000 words

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sboeman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Perhaps your thesis statement for the essay could be worded something like how Lord Capulet seems to remain a strong, authoritative figure throughout much of the play, but becomes quite remorseful and forgiving at the end.

I would begin the first body paragraph by mentioning one of his primary characteristics, such as his courage.  You could then draw on support from various instances, such as our first encounter with him asking for his sword to fight in the battle in Act I Scene 1.

Lord Capulet is also quite bellligerent; I mean, the guy was going to toss his own daughter out into the streets for disobeying him.  Also, when he wanted his guests to dance, they danced (or else he'd tell everyone that any lady not dancing had corns on her feet!).

Other body paragraphs could, again, focus on specific character traits, and then add examples to support your claims.  I'd recommend the last body paragraph, though, to be dedicated to his sorrow over the loss of his daughter, and understanding that the feud between the two houses should now end.

Wrap up your main points and thesis statement in a concluding paragraph and you've got yourself a well-developed essay on Lord Capulet!

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