In Silas Marner, how does life change for Silas because of Eppie?

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Eppie transforms the life of Silas Marner, bringing meaning and love into an existence devoid of human love or friendship.

George Eliot's Silas Marner is a story of loss, alienation, and redemption. Having lost his friend, his fiancée, and his reputation in Lantern's Yard, Silas Marner has come to Raveloe and lived as an alienated weaver who has worked solely for the accumulation of gold. Marner's redemption is achieved by his heart's having been re-opened by the child he finds.

The gold had kept his thoughts in an ever-repeated circle, leading to nothing beyond itself; but Eppie was an object compacted of changes and hopes that forced his thoughts onward, and carried them far away from their old eager pacing toward the same blank limit--carried them away to the new things that would come with the coming years....

When all that Silas worked for was his gold, he was compelled to a rigid cycle of work: weaving was the only thing that brought him gold. But when Eppie...

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