In Silas Marner, how does life change for Silas because of Eppie?

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Silas Marner's life, prior to Eppie was pretty much self-centered. He had suffered so much trauma and deceit in his former town of Lantern Yard that he chose to implode and remain isolated, caring only for making money and figuring out how to keep it away from everyone else.  Isolation made Silas quite bitter and had him lose touch with reality: The reality that humans are meant to interconnect, interact, and sometimes depend on each other.

When Silas suffered the major flop of having all of his gold stolen, he went into a frenzy that reminds one of his awful situation at Lantern Yard prior to moving to Raveloe. However, in one of those moments where he felt that life was out of his control, he finds the baby Eppie by the fire of his cottage, after she crawled away from his dead mother.  Caring for Eppie, with her gold locks, was to Silas a sign from heaven that, maybe if he cared for this gold-haired child, his own gold will return to him in due time. Yet, the relationship grew strong, and made Silas find something to care about . In fact, Eppie did not want to leave Silas's side and Silas was perfectly comfortable taking care of her.

Eppie gave him a new reason to live. She was the new motivation for his existence and he was a new man thanks to Eppie.

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