How does the young plant get enough energy to finish germinating? Are there differences between monocots and dicots in how they germinate?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Seeds have their mode of nourishment in order to germinate. Seeds have specialized pores in order to absorb water and nutrients in order to have enough energy to continue germination. Now the energy needed are sustained in the growing young plant have factors in order to sustain their growth.

The most important factors are the temperature, moisture, oxygen level and the presence of light. Water should be present in significant amounts since germinating seeds are relatively dry. Seeds vary on their reaction towards temperature so it is crucial for a particular seed to be able to germinate at a temperature where it is placed. Oxygen is needed for a seed to work on their metabolic activities.

The difference of monocot and dicot in terms of germination is the way their rooting system is organized. For dicot, radicle or the primary root is first formed. It anchors itself to the ground and starts absorbing water.  Monocot on the other hand has radicle covered with coleoptile. Coleoptile is the first part to form before the radicle. 

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