How are Doodle and the brother's traits similar and different from each other?how are they similar and different

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Doodle and his older brother are very much alike in the face of a challenge. The older brother takes on the challenge of teaching Doodle to walk. He has a tenacious attitude. He is determined that he will teach Doodle to walk. He is embarrassed by his handicapped brother:

Driven by shame at having a crippled sibling, Brother forms a plan to secretly teach Doodle to walk. Eventually, he succeeds. This initial success is not, however, enough for Brother, who is determined that Doodle will not shame him by being seen as different when he starts school.

Doodle is like his brother in his tenacity. Doodle is determined he will make his brother proud of him. He repeatedly tries to walk. Every time he falls down, he gets right back up. He will prove himself strong in spite of his handicap. In the face of a great challenge, he is triumphant. He is victorious. He learns to walk and run because he refuses to give up.

Doodle and his older brother are alike in their determination. They both prove themselves triumphant. In the face of obstacles, they refuse to be discouraged. They contribute great strength and their efforts prove successful.

Doodle and his older brother differ in their reasons for confronting the challenge of Doodle learning to walk. The older brother is embarrassed of Doodle's handicap. He does not desire for Doodle to begin school handicapped. He pushes Doodle to walk so he will not have to face the children at school with a handicapped brother. His desire for Doodle to walk is motivated by his selfish image that he must protect.

Doodle is different than his older brother. He desires to walk to please his brother. He admires his older brother. He reveres his older brother. Doodle will walk to make his older brother happy. More than any thing, Doodle wants his older brother to be proud of him.

Even though both brothers share a common goal which is teaching Doodle to walk, they differ in their motivation to reach that goal. The older brother is selfish and ashamed of his handicapped brother. Doodle is selfless and so proud of his older brother. He idolizes his older brother. The older brother finds Doodle as a burden, one that he must deal with every day of his life. Doodle just wants to be with his older brother out of respect and devotion.


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