How domestic violence is a social problem?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Domestic violence is a social problem because it has social causes and social impacts.

Domestic violence is caused in part by issues having to do with society.  It can be caused by the abuser's ingrained attitudes (ingrained by socialization) towards women, for example.  It can at times be caused in part by stress being suffered by the abuser.  These can lead the abuser to drink to excess or use drugs.  This can help the abuser become more likely to act on his/her frustrations and become violent.

Domestic violence also has social impacts.  It can cause problems, in particular, for those who suffer from it and who witness it.  It can cause children in an abusive family to be more likely to do badly in school and, later on, to get in trouble with the law.

Because it has social causes and social consequences, domestic violence is a social problem

bhawanipur | Student

I read an essay of AG Gardiner named "On Saying Please". There he mentioned that we infect the society and even the world with our vices. If a person is abused by another, the former does not want to carry with him and searches for an opportunity to pass on to another.Its not only with him but every one of us cannot bear ill-manners of others. So we become annoyed and behave with others in the same manners.

Domestic violence is also same kind of social problem. Violence caused in a family or between two partners will certainly be carried to the society and it will effect others. Thus we infect the society and members with whom we have daily contacts. Therefore, Gardiner says that we need to learn ti give respect each other.