How does setting affect plot in a work of literature?for example, how it creates conflict or crisis, how it forces characters to act, or how it determines how the plot is resolved.

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dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The setting is the time and place where a story takes place. It may seem trivial, but in many instances, the setting plays a very large part in how stories are played out. Can  you imagine how Romeo and Juliet would have ended if it had taken place in the present? Juliet could have just sent Romeo an email telling him of her plans to fake her death.

In literature, a story's setting not only creates conflict, but it may also determine the choices that characters ultimately make.

In stories like "Lord of the Flies", the setting almost becomes a character in itself. In this story, our characters are put into an environment that changes who they are. The boys submit to their basic survival skills and chaos ensues. Think of how differently the story would have played out if the boys' plane had crashed in a colder environment. They would have been faced with an entirel different set of conflicts.

maria-vivanco | Student

The setting to the place/environment that the story takes place. The society that the characters live in makes them conform to it's beliefs and norms.this  influences the characters behavior and their values. The environment eh glove in influence the way they talk and how they interact with people from other places. 

the way that the setting affects the plot is the complications that it has. For example, in lord of the flies, the setting which is the I slams provides complications for the characters because of the limit of supply and lack of civilization.