How does your research (on video game use by children ages 9–12) and the issue involved interest or intrigue you? What holes do you believe your contribution will fill regarding the issue?

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It sounds like you're going to be completing a research paper that covers the topic of video game usage for children between the ages of nine and twelve. There are a variety of topics that you could focus on within this category. The specific option that you select should be based on your interests. For example, maybe you want to focus on how children in this age range use video games as a means of social connection. You could even tie that to current times by writing about how video games allow kids who are quarantined due to coronavirus to continue connecting with their friends.

Or, maybe you're interested in addressing the growing number of kid gamers and whether playing video games at an early age is healthy or not. A recent study says that 91% of kids (all age groups) are gamers. You might be interested in exploring whether these kid gamers should have restrictions on how often they're allowed to play games.

When writing a research paper, it's good to start from a point of curiosity. Take the time to do some general research looking at what other studies in the field have accomplished. See what other researchers and analysts are saying about video game usage for nine- to twelve-year-olds. As you explore the subject, you'll start to have questions about what you're learning. These questions make the basis for a strong research paper. They allow you to explore a natural interest. If they haven't been answered by any of the studies that you've seen, then you'll also have the opportunity to make a real contribution to the field of study.

You should answer the questions in your prompt based on your honest thoughts and feelings. Which of your peers' research topics interest you the most? Why does video game usage for children from nine to twelve interest you? Maybe you play games yourself or you have a sibling who does. Whatever you choose to write about, using the steps listed above should help you get started. Good luck!

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