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how does the writer illustrate to the reader tsotsi's anger? please could you have some quotes aswell thanks :)

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The Sophiatown in which Tsotsi is born is one indication of the anger that surrounds the main character.  Tsotsi is not content with where he lives and the life he leads.  He does not ask questions about his being, but rather understands it as a condition of existence.  Yet, there is anger which the reader comes to realize is under the surface.  The taking of the child helps to open a door of perception about his own condition of self.  The very name which he is given is an indication of the anger that experiences.  "Tsotsi" is more of a title given to him by an external society.  His very name is not one where answers are present.  In fact, his name helps to bring out the condition that "didn’t know the answers."  This helps to bring out anger in him, to the point that he lacks a past.  This is both emotional and sociological, as Apartheid rendered so many Black Africans without voice or identity.  This state of confusion helps to communicate his fundamental anger, as his appearance in the mirror and his own sense of self is one in which he was “not been able to put together the eyes and the nose, and the mouth and the chin and make a man with meaning.”  This lack of understanding about self is where his anger resides and helps to feed the clarity of action he must take with the child, a being whose own past and narrative he does control unlike his own.

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