How does the writer convey the beauty of nature in "On the Grasshopper and Cricket" by John Keats?

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This poem primarily conveys the beauty of nature by evoking the rich sounds that form, in the words of the poem, "the poetry of earth." Note hwo the poem can be divided into two sections, both of which start with an assertion that "the poetry of earth" is "never dead" and "ceasing never." Each section focuses on how the grasshopper and then the cricket both serve to contribute to this beauty of nature whilst all other forms of nature are silent.

The Grasshopper is "never done / With his delights" and "takes the lead / In summer luxury." Whlst all birds are tired from the heat, the Grasshopper continues his sound, rejoicing in the beauty of spring. The Cricket, likewise, seems to serve the same function as the Grasshopper, but in winter. Even when the harshest frost has created silence, the Cricket begins his song, "in warmth increasing ever." The Grasshopper and the Cricket are thus presented as a pair, working together, the Cricket carrying on when the Grasshopper leaves off, both ensuring that the "poetry of the earth" truly never halts.

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