How does Winston from 1984 question authority?examples, quotes, page numbers, etc. all appreciated. thannks

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amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winston from the very beginning just thinks to much for the society he lives in. Complete obedience in thought and deed characterize the control that The Party has on its members. 

Early in the novel, the reader finds Winston defying the rules of complete devotion to the Party's rules.  He writes in a diary.  He has discovered that he can hover in a small spot in his apartment and not be caught by the telescreen, so he uses his diary to pour out his conflicting emotions.  Writing "Down with Big Brother" over and over shows his true, and illegal, inner thoughts.

Later, Winston meets a woman who seems to share his views.  They take up a sexual relationship in an apartment room over a prole neighborhood store.  While there, they discuss the possibilitiy of joint a revolutionary group that may or may not exist. 

Ultimately, Winston is caught for his acts of treason to the party and put through a serious combination of torture, betrayal and rehabilitation in order to escape certain death.