How do the Whites react when the family first learns about the monkey's paw? In what way is Mr. White first wish fulfilled?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Mr. White learns about the monkey's paw and its ability to grant three wishes to three people, he is very intrigued. He does not feel afraid, even though Sergeant Major Morris advises him to throw it away. The Whites, after they make their first wish, think that the monkey's paw does not really have any power. Even though they were told that the first owner's last wish was for death.

Sergeant Major Morris does not tell us what he wished for, but he tries to dispose of the monkey's paw by throwing it in the fire. Mr. White rescues it.

Once he has properly paid Sergeant Major Morris a small amount for the monkey's paw, he wishes for 200 pounds, English money.

His first wish is granted through the loss of his son, Herbert. A stranger calls on the Whites to inform them that Herbert was killed in an accident at the factory, he fell into a machine. For their loss, they are given a check of compensation for the sum of $200 pounds.

aakashk | Student

From what I understood, the whites felt that the other people that wished, wished "for the wrong things" It seems that they felt themselves invicisble and they would make smart choices with the Monkey's Paw.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the initial wish was to get 300? coins. Sure, they received the money, but to only find out it was compensation from the business that their son (the white's son) worked at. Apparently, he was caught in one of the machines and was chopped up and killed. In other words, the money was as gratitude and sorrow on behalf of the company - but the wish DID come true (the money they wished for)

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