How does Wes Moore describe the culture of the streets in The Other Wes Moore?  

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The Wes Moore who is the author of The Other Wes Moore writes both in first person to narrate his own experiences and using limited-omniscient third-person perspective to narrate the other man’s experiences and the social setting in which he grew up. One should keep in mind that, although the author frequently corresponded with and interviewed the other man, the overall narrative is always filtered through the author’s perspective.

When he was young, the Wes Moore who was later incarcerated lived in the low-income Cherry Hill Apartments in East Baltimore. This segregation-era housing project for black people was “a breeding ground for poverty, drugs, and despair.” His older brother, Tony, became involved in drug sales by the time Tony was a teenager. The young people grew up understanding that employment opportunities were very limited, and sold drugs for money and to buy status goods that their parents could not afford. Interpersonal violence was taken for granted...

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