How do Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet present ideas about people in love?

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Pride and Prejudice gives us a peek into the strange dynamics of human relationships. This story presents people in love whose pride and prejudice tend to suppress their true emotions, and highlights the role of social norms in the romantic experiences of people in love. It characterizes the power of reason - that of pragmatism and idealism as standards for love and marriage.

Meanwhile, Romeo and Juliet is as much about hate as love. Here, love as Romeo sees it in Rosaline is more of a physical attraction than an emotional one; one has been struck by Cupid's arrows. Juliet on the other hand is not overly concerned about love and will not take notice of it until she meets Romeo. In Romeo and Juliet, the overwhelming power of love consumes the lovers when they finally met. Love becomes potentially dangerous as they learn that their families are feuding and all ends up in tragedy. This therefore presents the danger and stupidity of love based on emotions alone.

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