How did The War of the Worlds predict and/or influence science fiction films?

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It is funny you should ask this as I recently watched Battle: Los Angeles and thought to myself how much the film industry had been impacted by this excellent novel. If you think about it, so many films have been inspired by the central concept in this book: an invasion of earth from Mars. We have had Independence Day and Mars Attacks to name just a few. This novel has had such a profound effect because it was the first novel of its kind to be successful. This was of course helped by the famous radio version that was infamous for fooling large numbers of people into believing that an alien invasion was actually happening. The central themes of man's insignificance in the face of an alien invasion and how we are not alone in the universe are very tempting themes to address, and The War of the Worlds really set down the foundations for science fiction films of this type.

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