How does Wang Lung differ from the villagers?what makes him different from them , explain?  

mkcapen1 | Student

Wang Lung is a simple farmer who feels respect for the earth.  He views land/earth as the thing which sustains all life and that it is of greatest importance.  He is a hard worker but he is also a saver.  Unlike many of the other villagers, Wang lung has the ambition to own land for his family and a strong desire to become owner of the lands owned by the Huang family.  He is almost obsessed with the need to own land.  This is evident when his family is starving and they have to move to the city to survive.  In the city Wang Lung works as a rickshaw driver and his children as beggars.  Despite their living situation, he still does not sell his land.  He even goes as far as stealing money which he uses to purchase more land from the Huangs. Wang lung is also different from the others in the village because he achieves wealth and becomes a person of whom the others feel jealous.  They have resentment against his success. 

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