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In Pride and Prejudice, how does the visit to Pemberley affect Elizabeth's feelings towards Mr. Darcy?

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By the time Elizabeth visits Pemberley while on a tour of Derbyshire with the Gardiners, she has seen much to convince her of Darcy's arrogance and poor manners but has also heard from him, in a letter, that Mr. Wickham may perhaps not be as he seems. Darcy had not refuted Elizabeth's criticisms of him at his first proposal, leaving her uncertain as to whether she could believe his letter, but her visit to Pemberley helps her to see that the letter was truthful. There are several reasons for this: in the first instance, it was a tenet of the times that a man's character could be determined from the way he treated his servants. The housekeeper at Pemberely believes Darcy...

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