How does Victor Frankenstein depart from the typical tragic hero?

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How does Victor Frankenstein depart from the typical tragic hero?
Great question! The most obvious way may be invisible: genre. The classic tragic hero is found in a stage play; Frankenstein is found in a novel. This matters because his actions are filtered more for us than a character's on stage would be (remember the letter format?). However, after that one important thing is that his family had already fallen in the world (remember the start of Chapter 1?). Rather than being on top of the world, as is, say, Othello or Oedipus, Frankenstein's got something to prove.


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He is not contributing something positive to society.  He created a monster.  So his genius is an evil genius.  Both he and his monster are not life affirming, but seem bent on destruction.

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He refuses to admit the horror of a monster that he had created with his own bare hands when engulfed in guilt, remorse and shame but he still didn't confessed to his hideous creations even if the ramifications of the monster grew stronger and kill more people.

Later on, he changed drastically, from a youth fascinated by the benefits of science in this world of technology into a guilty conscious and confused man determined to destroy the fruits of his labour that he had created. He hid himself in his own thoughts and cut off with the outside world, with no apparent connection

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