How does Valentin finally arrest Flambeau in "The Blue Cross"?

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The small priest met by Valentin on the train actually leaves clues for the police to follow once he realizes that the tall man he's met is pretending to be a priest so as to rob him of the silver and sapphire cross he carries. First, the little priest thinks the man he's with (who is really Flambeau) is actually a thief, so he switches the salt and sugar to see if the man says anything. He does not, indicating that he does not want to draw any attention to himself, and so the priest waits for him to leave, and then he throws his soup at the wall, knowing that people would talk about it and it would attract attention. Later, when Valentin discovers the salt/sugar switch, he begins to follow the little trail of oddities the priest leaves behind.

Next, Valentin finds a fruit vendor who talks about the two clerics who...

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