How does the United States government differ from the Argentinian government?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One significant difference between the United States government and that of the Argentinian might lie in its history.  The United States has had a longer history of constitutional democracy than the Argentinian version.  One need only look at the autocratic history of Peron as well as the governmental edicts such as "the Dirty War" as an example of this.  While America's history has had many moments where the denial of rights is a part of the narrative, there has not been overt moments like the Argentinians.  One need only examine the "mothers of the disappeared" as a part of this process.  Another difference between both nations' form of government might actually show Argentina to be more progressive than the United States.  Political parties that wish to be elected in Argentinian government must have a third of their slates for election as women candidates.  This is vastly different than the United States where no such stipulation exists.