How does Uncle Khosrove react to John Byro's complaint about the stealing of the horse in "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse"?

In "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse," Uncle Khosrove reacts to John Byro's complaint about the stealing of the horse by yelling at him to be quiet. The horse has been returned, so as far as Khosrove's concerned, John should "pay no attention to it."

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Uncle Khosrove is impatient with Byro's complaining. For him, every problem can be dismissed by roaring, "Pay no attention to it!" At first, this might seem like a simplistic response, but the stoicism behind Khosrove's saying reveals a lot about the Garoghlanian tribe and their approach to life.

We learn a few things about the tribe from the story. First, they are very poor. They have immigrated to California from Armenia. They are renowned for their honesty in all things. They are a close-knit community as well. It's significant that Mourad is considered the spiritual "son" of Khosgrove, even though his actual father is Zorab; as Aram says, "That's how it was in our tribe. A man could be the father of his son's flesh, but that did not mean that he was also the father of his spirit."

This attitude carries over to the problem of whether Mourad has "stolen" the horse or not. The ethics of the situation are quite fluid; they have to hide the horse during the day, but they have not stolen...

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