How does Uncle Hammer help the Logans in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

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Uncle Hammer stands up for his family, sells his car and works to save the farm.  He also provides emotional support to the Logan family.

Uncle Hammer lives in the city to the north.  When he comes to visit, he brings his fancy car.  He clearly has been successful and lives a city life instead of a country life.  However, when Uncle Hammer realizes what is happening, he sells his car to save the family farm.

Every winter, Uncle Hammer comes back home to spend the Christmas season with the Logans (p. 119).  He is often aloof and has a “cold, distant glaze” in his eyes (p. 119).  Uncle Hammer saw Granger’s Packard and decided he had to have one for himself.  The car meant a lot to him.

In addition to selling the car, Uncle Hammer also looks out for the kids.  When Cassie is bullied, Uncle Hammer is concerned (p. 122).   When Mrs. Logan asks him not to make “unnecessary trouble,” he gets angry.

You think my brother died and I got my leg half blown off in the German war to have some redneck knock Cassie around any time it suits him? (p. 122)

Hammer comments on the double standard.  If he had knocked a white girl down, he would be hanged.  When Uncle Hammer tries to fight back against the abuse, and the family is afraid he will be killed.


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