How does the use of authentic dialect add to "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"?

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In all large countries, regional dialects exist that differ from the standard form of the national language in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. In most of the European nation-states, what was originally simply one dialect among many became the standard, accepted literary form of that country's language centuries ago—as, for example, the speech of London did for English from Chaucer forward. The United States, partly because it's a relatively new country, does not have regional differences in the way American English is spoken to the same extent the European states have strikingly different dialects of their languages (in Italy, for instance, Sicilian is almost a different language than the standard form of Italian, Tuscan). Nevertheless, as we know, pronunciation does differ in different sections of the United States. In the nineteenth century, and still today, Americans in one part of the country often find another region's dialect or other characteristics odd and even humorous.

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