How and where does triumph over adversity occur in this book?I am doing an essay for a summer report and i don't have enough info to finish it.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Triumph over adversity is probably best seen in the ending of the book.  Buck has found a connection with Thornton, after reveling in the wild, and this connection represents a positive life force, as Thornton shows a genuine sense of love for Buck.  When Thornton has been killed by the Yee Hats, Buck does not abdicate this connection and simply run off into the wild.  Rather, he avenges the death of someone he loved, and honors this bond in killing off the Yee Hats.  The cruelty demonstrated by man is not left without response.  This moment is when good, in the form of Buck, triumphs over adversity.  While Buck eventually leaves into the wild and becomes the known hunter in the form of the vaunted "Ghost Dog," Buck's continual homage to Thornton in the form of both exacting revenge for his murder and paying homage to him with visiting his grave.  In this, it is evident that despite all of Buck's experiences with humans, including some very awful moments with ranch hands who kidnap him and others like Charles who engage in abusive and cruel behavior, Buck has not let these temper his respect and love for Thornton.

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