In The Taming of the Shrew, how does Tranio convince the Pedant to masquerade as Vincentio? Act IV Scene II.

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One of the things I absolutely love about Shakesperian comedies, is that just when you think things can't get even more confused and twisted, something like this happens to prove you wrong! Tranio shows great intelligence and quick-wittedness as he tricks the Pedant into believing that there is a dispute between Mantua and Padua, so much so that the Duke of Padua has declared that anybody from Mantua who is found in Padua will be killed:

'Tis death for anyone in Mantua

To come to Padua. Know you not the cause?

Your shipe are stayed at Venice, and the Duke,

For private quarrel twixt your duke and him,

Hath published and proclaimed it openly.

However, fortunately, the Pedant resembles the "father" of Tranio, one Vincentio, even though Biondello helpfully comments that the pedant actually resembles Vincentio "as much as an apple doth an oyster," and thus Tranio offers to "help" the Pedant by offering to take him in to his household and let him impersonate Vincentio to save his life.

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