How does Thornton Wilder make the Stage Manager in Our Town a memorable, likable, and trustworthy character? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.  

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The Stage Manager establishes himself as being a very personable and easy-to-talk-with individual from the beginning of the play. His language is not complicated or difficult to understand; he communicates profound ideas in very simple words.

Everybody knows in their bones that something is eternal, and that something has to do with human beings. All the greatest people ever lived have been telling us that for five thousand years

The Stage Manager is separate from the action of the play, but at the same time, his affection for the people and the place is obvious. He takes the time to explain to the audience how characters related to each other and to their life circumstances without making judgements, and without giving away details that are more effectively revealed by the characters themselves. He never is unkind and critical, always showing patience with the human faults of the residents of his town. However, he can react to the characters when they need response from a source outside the circle of acquaintances in the play.

Emily: Does anyone ever realize life while they live it...every, every minute?

Stage Manager: No. Saints and poets maybe...they do some.


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