How does Thomas show different attitudes to women and girls in Under Milk Wood?

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Two of the female characters in the drama 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas are portrayed as 'dreamers.' This is a common theme in any literature based in small town locations by authors from Thomas Hardy to John Steinbeck and Wales is no different. In thse days it would have seemed very remote from the big cities in England and women would have had few prospects outside the villages.

Myfanwy Price is a sweetshop worker who spends her time day dreaming of the most exciting thing that can happen to her in small-town Wales - getting married. She dreams of a wedding to Mog Edwards. So in a way she represents the traditional preoccupations of women all over the world, a home and family of her own to nurture, however many never have the opportunity to test their dream against anything different in the way of career opportunities. Another dreamer is Gossamer Bynon, teacher daughter of the butcher. She daydreams a dream that will never happen - a life with Sinbad, but this relationship is out of reach in normal acceptable society, and is more compared to the life of a wily guilty-looking fox. So the women lead secret lives in their heads and have unfulfilled ambitions , as do some of the men.

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