How does Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine pesuade us in the stories The decleration of independence and the crisis.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both works prove to be persuasive because of the cases made for revolution and the need for change.  Jefferson's document argues that there is a natural call for separation from England because of its violations of the Colonists' political and economic rights.  He argues that such transgressions are fundamentally against the very nature of how political orders and societies should be structured.  In this light, one understands that the call for Revolution is a natural one, consistent with human values of inalienable rights.  Paine's work takes this idea one step further in its assertion that the colonists are fighting for what is theirs and what is rightfully owed to them and that this struggle is something which is a part of their identity.  In this light, the darkness of the challenges in fighting for freedom have to be realized and understood.  Paine's pamphlet helps to give comfort and reassurance in the early stages of the Revolution when things were not progressing well for the Colonists and their cause.