On Account of a Hat by Sholom Rabinowitz

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how does this story paint a window into anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe? Please use specific examples

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The short story "On Account of a Hat" by Sholom Rabinowitz, who wrote under the pen name of Sholem Aleichem, begins with a short prelude in which the author interviews a stationary dealer in the town of Kasrilevka. The stationary merchant tells him what he professes to be a true story about an absent-minded person named Sholem Shachnah, who he refers to as Sholem Shachnah Rattlebrain.

According to the stationary dealer, Sholem Shachnah is an incompetent seller of real estate who finally manages to sell one piece of land. He sends most of his earnings to his wife and makes plans to be home in Kasrilevka in time for Passover. He takes a train as far as a town called Zolodievka, where he has to change trains. However, there is a wait of several hours, and he has been traveling for two days without rest. He sits on a bench occupied by a sprawled-out sleeping official and falls fast asleep. The porter...

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