How does this story depict the theme of "shared brotherhood of man (and woman)" as in one of stephen crane's stories?

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jeff-hauge eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These outcasts have nothing to do with each other yet fate has thrown them together. Crane, a naturalist, would show humans at their best when they rely on their instinct. These misfits come together (except for Uncle Billy) and work as a caring family. Compare it to the ant hill. Ants are no different from any other living creature except they instinctively know that working for the good of the anthill ultimately helps them in the end. These people share the threat of an uncaring universe. This shared threat brings out a humanity in them they would not have cultivated in town.

Compare it to "The Open Boat" when the narrator explains that although his life was in peril he never felt closer to anyone else than his fellow shipmates.

Then investigate The Prisoners' Dilemna.

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