How does this quote 'It was so full of trash that a little more wasn’t going to hurt it any' support the theme poverty?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In looking at the quote without a specific context, it can help to explain how poverty grows and continues.  Implicit in the quote is a condition of tolerance and desensitized approach to the problem.  The quote shows that the buildup of trash is almost inevitable.  Its accumulation is being accepted as a condition of being in the world.  Trash is being accepted as a part of consciousness.  There is little desire or hope in removing it, as its buildup and growth is passively being accepted.

The quote can support the theme of poverty by helping to explain its presence. Many look at poverty as something that is so present throughout the world that "a little more" will not change anything.  Some could even use this as a justification to not do anything in the hopes of alleviating poverty.  The thought behind this would be that poverty (trash in the quote) is so prevalent that "a little more" is not going to change much.  The quote can be tied into the condition of poverty in its passive acceptance of a condition that is present in the world.  It can support the theme of poverty's presence in terms of how it can be used to explain it.