How Does This poem emphasize: emotion, imagination, intuition, freedom, natures beauty, personal experience, the primitive, and the exotic?

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Emotion: when the Mariner killed the Albatross for no reason and then regretted his act.

Imagination: there are many imaginative elements in the story, for example there is the description of life and death, how the crew was killed, the whole poem is imagined if you want.

Intuition: the Mariner killed the Albatross for no reason and some sailors at first believed it was wrong to do. And their intuition was right, another aspect is if you look at it from a “self-reliance” point of view; as a romantic poem they emphasize the individual and the intuition of thyself.

Freedom: when the Mariner identified with nature the Albatross came down from his shoulder which can be seen as an act of freedom, the Mariner was free now.

Nature’s beauty: hmmm… where do I start with this one! Will the Albatross represented nature and the Mariner shot him and that is why the Mariner was punished because he didn’t appreciate nature, but the Mariner complimented nature and its beauty and he was somehow forgiven because of it. Another thing is the description of “Death” it is a woman, red lips, pretty… etc it is to emphasize that even in the scariest things in nature you have beauty in them.

Personal experience: well… the whole poem is about the personal experience of the Mariner, it is because the Mariner learned his “own lesson” he is now telling his tale across the seas and so that element can be basically be seen there.

The Primitive: in a colonial reading of the poem you can see that the Albatross represented the natives who were helpless against the guns of the sailors who were more advanced, and because they lived in nature they were somehow defeated by the sailors and they lost the Albatross.

The Exotic: Coleridge wrote the part that was about the extraordinary and the exotic and the wonders of nature and exotic events so the whole poem is somewhat exotic.

Hope I was helpful.

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