The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

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How this novel is effective as regards to the latino immigrant expericence in the United States?

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Junot Diaz says he wanted to make his readers feel like immigrants in Oscar Wao.  He does this by using Spanglish, pop culture references, sci-fi fantasy allusions, esoteric references to nerd-culture, role playing games, history of the DR, hip hop, footnotes, and a non-linear multiple-narrator story.  It's a post-modern tour de force, an eclectic mix tape of culture, race, gender, and class.  Wao is the New World Immigrant Story.  Everyone's an immigrant.  Doesn't that make no one an immigrant?

The novel is a kind of parody of the traditional and minority immigrant story.  These stories are formulaic propaganda (see the bulleted notes below).  The traditional immigrant story's exposition is set in the oppressive foreign country; the conflict takes place on the difficult voyage to America; the climax comes in America as the immigrant is duped or victimized by a native; the falling actions leads us to believe the immigrant will return home; the...

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