How does this advertisement represent men and women in relation to masculinity?Please provide evidence.The advertisement is in the link below.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would want to respond to this question by talking about gender and the various roles that are ascribed by society to men and women. Clearly, if we look at this advert, note that it is the man who is engaging in the manly task of trimming the hedge and working hard. It is the woman who is given the subordinate role of bringing him his drink and caring for him. This advert therefore does little to challenge gender stereotypes and continues to support a view of masculinity as relating to hard work and physical labour whilst the woman (who is therefore weaker and less able to engage in such work) merely plays the role of a supporter. If this advert had wanted to challenge such stereotypes, it would have reversed the roles. However, the irony of this advert is that by giving the man the stereotypical manly task of cutting the hedge, the advert cunningly manages to cast aspersions on his masculinity, because both his wife and his gay neighbours thinks he is entranced by their bodies.