Eye of the Needle

by Ken Follett

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How does the theme of Nature influences the decisions of the characters? Faber is shipwrecked on Storm Island and because of ongoing treacherous weather has time to recover and develop a relationship with Lucy. Night plays an important part in covert operations for Faber. The Allies use the weather to their advantage.I would like other examples of how weather is used as a theme.

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Certainly, I think that you are on the right track.  The element of nature, or aspects outside of the characters' control, can be seen in how Faber has to kill his landlady, who literally is the embodiment of being at the wrong place at the right time.  The car crash that cripples David and emotionally estranges Lucy is another example of how the natural world plays a role in the influencing of characters.  Faber's arrival on Storm Island, whose name is a reflection of the power of nature, is another example of how elements beyond the direct control of the specific characters play a large role in how they interact with one another and who they are.  The nighttime as a cover for Faber, as well as the fact that Faber attempts to cliff- dive his way to the U- Boat is another example of how the natural world plays a role in influencing  the characters and their actions.  In the midst of a condition in which individuals seem certain and in complete control of their actions and identities, Follett introduces the element of "the other" that has influence over the individual in a world where certainty seems to be the norm.  Similar to the feeling of nausea that overcomes Faber after each murder, there is always some element that exists outside the full control of the individual and the natural world is shown to be something that plays a decisive role in how the individual functions in the world.

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