In regards to The Killer Angels, how does the theme of loyalty to commanding officers appear throughout various wars in US history? 

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Since the early days of our country's history, the U. S. military has been blessed with overwhelming success, thanks in part to its strong leadership and faithful subordinates. Aside from a very few instances, disloyalty in the ranks has been nonexistent. (The traitorous act of Gen. Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary War is probably the best known example. The Vietnam War also provided some cases of desertion and less-than-valorous behavior.) Many general officers have commanded nearly god-like respect from their men during America's military history. Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson became living legends to their Confederate brethren during the Civil War; Southern soldiers considered themselves invincible while serving under the two men. Teddy Roosevelt commanded similar respect during the Spanish-American War, and Lewis "Chesty" Puller fought alongside his dedicated Marines in both World War II and the Korean War.

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