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Lord of the Flies

by William Golding
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How does the theme "Fear of the unknown" relate to the scar that was created when the plane crashed in Lord of the Flies? Have to explain the thematic significance of the island's physical features. (in this case, the scar)

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Golding introduces the presence of the scar on the island in the first chapter of the novel.  A wide violent mark on the land, the scar is emblematic of mankind's capability for violence and general lack of respect for nature.  The scar is created when the boys' plane crash lands on the island.  It is the first physical representation of man's negative empact on the land itself. 

The theme "fear of the unknown" relates to the scar, because the scar challenges the mysterious nature of the jungle as a reminder of man's power and superiority. Interestingly enough, the scar on the island also foreshadows that the boys will respond to that fear of the unknown with violence.

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