How does the theme of choices and consequences go with the setting of A&P?

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jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The setting of the story is in a supermarket called the A&P. Updike focuses on emphasizing the importance of making the right choices you make and the consequences that follow. In places like A&P where you must make a decision on which good out of hundreds to purchase, decisions have to be made. For every good decision you make, you will reap the benefits that might even have greater utility but for every bad decision you must pay its price. Sammy, the main protagonist in the story is portrayed as an immature and reckless teengaer and makes crucial decisions without considering the consequences. When he quits his job at the store he fails to examine the aftermath of such decision and doesn't see the significance of being patient and tolerating hardship when you need to.

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