How does the title of Saki's "The Open Window" relate to the story's theme?

The title of Saki's "The Open Window" relates to the story's theme in that it alludes to a window of opportunity for the mischievous Vera to take advantage of Framton's gullibility and extreme nervousness and play a cruel prank on him.

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One could say that the large open window in the Sappletons' drawing room provides Vera with a window of opportunity to cause mischief. In that sense, the title of the story has both a literal and a figurative meaning. The window inspires the young lady to concoct one of her tall tales, an elaborate ghost story with which she intends to scare the pants off poor old Framton Nuttel.

Framton's a man with a fraught nervous system spending time in the country on doctor's orders. But his very nervousness is what makes him such an ideal mark for Vera's wicked prank.

Having established that Framton's not familiar with the area and so doesn't know anything about the Sappletons, Vera begins to spin her ghost story, telling Framton a creepy tale about her aunt's husband and two younger brothers dying out on the moor when they went on a hunting expedition.

Later on, when the men approach the open window, Framton, completely taken in by Vera's story, assumes that they're ghosts and gets out of the...

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