How does the theme of generational trauma and wounds play out in part 4 of There There?

The theme of generational trauma and wounds plays out in part 4 of There There through both family relationships and Native American identity. In the powwow setting, Tommy Orange explores reunions and separations of previously disconnected relatives. Jacquie is able to reconnect with Blue, and both Jacquie and Harvey interact with Edwin. Orvil distances himself from Opal’s influence and embraces his Native identity through dancing at the powwow, only to be shot with likely fatal results.

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In the fourth and last part of There There, Tommy Orange develops the theme of generational trauma and wounds by addressing family relationships and exploring diverse attitudes toward Native American identity. The sisters Jacquie and Opal, who are now in the grandparents’ generation, play key roles in their interactions with their relatives in the two younger generations. These interactions are significant in terms of responsibilities for raising the children, which Opal had assumed after...

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