How does the structure of Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise" affect the meaning?

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The main structural device that Angelou uses to support her theme is the repetition of the phrase "I rise." She repeats this phrase ten times throughout the poem.

Not only does she use the phrase as a refrain, which means it is what sticks in our minds after reading the poem, she does so strategically. The last word in a sentence, or the last line in a paragraph of prose, is often the most important: Angelou used this effect in her poem by putting "I rise" as the final words in four of her seven stanzas. No matter what she has said before about her oppression, such as that others might want to kill her, she transcends and overwrites this by repeatedly stating that no matter what, she rises.

Further, the poem is structured so that the "I rise" occurs most frequently in the last two stanzas: seven of the repetitions occur then, including the three in a row that comprise the last three lines of the poem. All of this emphasizes that Angelou has the last word and that she will—and...

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