How does the story "The Interlopers" by Saki have suspense in it?    

The suspense in "The Interlopers" is established in the beginning through the story's dark, stormy setting, which confuses and disorients Ulrich. When Ulrich and Georg finally meet, there's an extended tense silence, suspenseful because the audience does not know who will make the first move. At the end of the story, the tow see dark figures moving toward them, and the ambiguity of these figures' identity creates further suspense.

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Saki creates suspense in the opening paragraph of the story by depicting Ulrich von Gradwitz "watching and listening" for his enemy as he patrols the dark forest. Saki's introduction establishes an unsettling, hostile atmosphere, and the audience anticipates impending violence between the two enemies, which increases the tension of the story. Saki also utilizes the stormy weather and treacherous landscape to contribute to the story's disquieting mood. The confusion of the storm and the threatening wilderness increases suspense as Ulrich searches for Georg Znaeym.

Saki once again creates suspense when Ulrich comes face-to-face with his enemy. As Ulrich stares at Georg, the audience anticipates a violent conflict, and the tension of the situation is palpable. The audience can imagine the feelings both characters experience standing across from one another with hatred in their hearts. Saki increases the suspense of their interaction by describing the extended moment of silence between the...

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