How does the society in Gathering Blue maintain itself and control its citizens?

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Gathering Blue is a novel written by Lois Lowry and is a companion piece to The Giver. Gathering Blue tells the story of Kira, the protagonist, who is an orphan with a deformed leg who must find a way to survive in a dystopian society that typically leaves the weak behind to die in the fields.

This society is governed by the Council of Guardians, who use a strict and harsh legal code, misinformation, and a concentration of the Gifts and wealth in order to maintain itself and control its citizens.

One of the prominent members of the society is the Singer, who relays the history of the society to the masses. Kira is a talented weaver, and in order to capture that talent, Jamison, one of the members of the Council, attacks her father in order to take control of the orphan. From the outside, it looks like Kira, the other talented orphans, and the Singer live a wonderful life, but from the inside, they are prisoners. This dynamic is obfuscated and leveraged by the Council in order to control the...

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