How does the society in Brave New World compare to modern society?

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There are certainly parallels between the world of Huxley's Brave New World and that of our current world. Eugenics and genetic engineering absolutely exist in our world, such as prison programs that either forcibly sterilize prisoners without consent or coercively encourage prisoners to be sterilized by offering them reduced sentences. Companies exist that will test genes of fetuses to determine possible conditions or neuro-divergent brain development, and the outcomes of these tests can result in abortions of fetuses deemed "unfit" to become a human. Certainly, these companies and program mirror the dystopic reality found throughout the pages of Brave New World.

Additionally, in Brave New World, the public are constantly under state surveillance. One only has to consider the ever increasing amount of state and private surveillance in our world to see the connection between the two. For instance, Amazon is currently working on facial recognition technology that can supposedly detect "fear"...

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