How does the setting of "Mending Wall" help develop its central idea? The modern setting is what makes the speaker want to rebuild the old walls that have crumbled along the border of his property. The isolated setting is one reason the speaker begins to wonder whether he and his neighbor needs walls to separate their well-defined properties. The interior setting makes the speaker feel as though the walls of his home are barriers that are keeping him from a friendship with his neighbor. The rural setting pits the speaker, who is from the area, against his neighbor, who has recently arrived from the city.

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Robert Frost's poem, "Mending Wall ," was first published in 1914. The setting is rather vague and seems confined to the immediate areas either side of the same portion of the eponymous wall. The speaker tells us that his neighbor is "beyond the hill," and that there are pine trees on his neighbor's side of the wall and apple trees on his...

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