The Road Not Taken Questions and Answers
by Robert Frost

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How does "The Road Not Taken" relate to life?

"The Road Not Taken" relates to life because it is about making a seemingly simple decision that has big consequences. In life, one is regularly faced with decisions of this magnitude.

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"The Road Not Taken" relates to life because the crux of the poem is about making a decision, just like the decisions we make every day. While the poet has made this choice of which path to take seem like a big deal, one could argue that it is the same as deciding which route to take to work or whether to drive straight to work or hit the gym on the way.

Every decision we make has consequences, and it is also arguable that we should take the time, as the poet did, to think about the consequences of our choices. By choosing "the [road] less traveled by," it is implied that the poet rejected the idea of doing what society expected him to, and it is clear that this decision brought him much satisfaction because he tells us that it "has made all the difference."

This message relates to life because it is often important to make unpopular decisions or choose unpopular courses of action. It is about doing what one know to be right in all situations, even though this will often be at odds with what friends, family members, and colleagues may want one to do.

Every time we come to a metaphorical fork in our road, we must make a decision as to which path to embark on. This could be anything from a job offer to a marriage proposal. As Frost so succinctly puts it, "[he] doubted if [he] should ever come back," which speaks about the fact that it is very seldom that we get to make the same big decision twice.

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