How does the rebellion take place in Animal Farm?

In Animal Farm, the rebellion takes place when the animals attack Mr. Jones and his men and force them to flee the farm. The animals then change the name of the farm, destroy the tools Mr. Jones had used to oppress them, and institute the Seven Commandments.

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Following Old Major’s death and a few months of preparations for the rebellion, the time actually comes a lot sooner than any of the animals had expected. As Mr. Jones’s drinking problem became worse and worse, he starts forgetting to feed the animals. The animals break into the shed to help themselves to food. When Mr. Jones realizes what has happened, he goes into a frenzy. He and his men arm themselves with whips, intending to hurt the animals.

In retaliation, the animals attack, ultimately forcing Jones and his men to flee the farm. After the men and Mrs. Jones are off the property, celebrations begin. The first job undertaken is to destroy everything that Jones had ever used to oppress them, from whips, bridles and reins to halters and decorative ribbons.

One of the decisions made in the immediate aftermath of the rebellion is that the farmhouse will be a museum, rather than a place for any of the animals to live. Showcasing their new literacy skills, the pigs rewrite the...

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