How does the novel When Rain Clouds Gather explore the good that power can accomplish?

The novel When Rain Clouds Gather explores the good that power can accomplish by showing it as a consequence of knowledge. Armed with growing knowledge, the villagers in the story are able to stand up to the village chieftain, a petty tyrant who wants to keep them in ignorance.

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Power is presented in When Rain Clouds Gather as emancipatory. It is a force for good, something that frees people, broadens their horizons, gives them wings. It is power that is the ultimate prize for the people of Maseko's village. Once they've achieved this power over their lives they are finally in a position to build a community free from the domination of a tinpot tyrant.

Such power is largely the result of education. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. But what is often little more than a glib platitude just so happens to be true in this particular case. Scientific knowledge, combined with some of the old beliefs, has opened up new horizons to the villagers, making them understand that there's a big world outside the confines of the village. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to challenge and overcome the old regime and start building a community of equals.

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