How does the idea of toxic masculinity affect Frank in Home?

The idea of toxic masculinity affects Frank in Home by turning him into a violent man who has contempt for women. For instance, during his service in the Korean War, Frank tried to prove his manhood by shooting a little girl.

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To some extent, Frank uses toxic masculinity as a shield to protect himself from the many traumatic experiences he's endured throughout his life. For instance, when he was a young boy, he witnessed a brutal racist killing. Ever since then, violence has been a constant presence in Frank's life, and so it's no wonder that he responded in the way that he did. A violent environment is conducive to the development of toxic masculinity, and Frank is neither the first nor the last man to be affected in this way.

An additional component of Frank's toxic masculinity is his attitude towards the female of the species. While serving in the Korean War Frank shot a young Korean girl. What made this act particularly shocking and barbaric was that it was motivated by Frank's shock at having sexual feelings for the girl.

Frank's treatment of women is becomes clear in his relationship with Lily. When Lily comes home from work each day she finds Frank sitting paralyzed on a sofa with a sock in his hand, invariably drunk out of his mind. Though Frank is undoubtedly suffering from PTSD, his treatment of Lily is nonetheless consistent with how he acted during the Korean War.

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