How does the following passage from "Everyday Use" contribute to readers' understanding of Maggie? "'Aunt Dee’s first husband whittled the dash,' said Maggie so low you almost couldn’t hear her. 'His name was Henry, but they called him Stash.'"

This passage contributes to readers' understanding of Maggie by showing that she knows and cares deeply about her family's history. She isn't just interested in the family artifacts, as her sister Dee is; she is interested in the stories of the people who made them. This shows us that Maggie's view of heritage is quite different from Dee's and that Maggie's interests are less materialistic and more sentimental.

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This passage contributes to our understanding of Maggie because it shows that she is a person who knows—and who cares to know and remember—her family's personal history. Her sister, Dee, does not know the family stories. Dee only wants the objects she grew up with because she hopes to take them home, show them off, and do something "artistic" with them, despite the fact that her mother and sister still use these things on a daily basis. Dee feels that heritage is something that exists in material things and that it is something past; she completely fails to understand that there is heritage in the stories, the memories, and even her own name.

Maggie, on the other hand, not only knows which of her aunt's husbands made the dash, but what name he went by as well as what his real name was. Maggie cares about the people from whom she comes and about their lives and loves and memories. She has learned how to quilt, understanding that there is more cultural and familial value in the activity that her mother and grandmother and great-grandmother did than there is in the physical quilts themselves, which will one day fall apart. This passage allows us to understand that Maggie's idea of heritage is completely different from Dee's, as well as the fact that Maggie's is much more authentic.

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